Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Mighty KBC QSL - A Wish Fulfilled

"The Mighty KBC is a European shortwave station that blasts out rock n’ roll oldies and classic rock to truckers across the continent." 

On June 28, 2015 at 00:15 Hrs UTC I logged The Mighty KBC on 9925 kHz (SIO 232) with station id in English “we're The Mighty KBC” by male (OM) announcer from my QTH in Kolkata, India using Tecsun PL 310 receiver and the standard telescopic rod antenna attached with the RX. English pop and rock ’n’ roll oldies from 50’s-60’s era were played in the musical program with multiple station IDs, RJ mentions & commercials and jingles in between. 

I was lucky enough to know about the date and time of the SW transmission from their Facebook wall post, the day before. I tried my luck and guess what I heard them for the very first time! It was raining since early morning. I was apprehensive yet as it turned out The Mighty KBC signal from Nauen was audible at my QTH. The transmission was heard till 00.36 Hrs UTC. 

Reception report was emailed on the same day to >  Within an hour of emailing the report, I received an eQSL reply (electronic verification) from Eric van Willegen. 

To learn more about this iconic radio station, Click Here  73's

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Hobart Radio International Verified

Hobart Radio International is a shortwave community service relayed across Europe, North America, South America and New Zealand and features the DX Extra and The Buzz shows! They are known as ‘The Voice for Tasmania’ among DXers and radio listeners the world over. They refer themselves as a radio station that’s “crossing the borders since 2004, telling the unknown and investigating on what's important.”  

I logged Hobart Radio International for the first time on 25.07.2015 (July 25, 2015) on 6070 kHz (via Channel 292) at 16:00 UTC - 16:30 UTC from my home in Kolkata, India via WebSDR at Univ of Twente, the Nederlands. I liked the unique mix of music, talk, comedy and DX news in their weekly show ‘The Buzz’. Reception report with audio clip of the recording was mailed to on Aug 01, 2015.

Rob Wise from Hobart Radio International replied with a full data eQSL on Aug 08, 2015 appreciating the effort and inviting me to listen to future shows and write to him again. The ‘DX Extra’ Show “which is about the shortwave and radio hobby featuring news, reviews, pirate radio and anything in-between” which airs from Hobart Radio International is one of the last remaining DX shows on the airwaves. I personally like their format and content. To know more about the station or to listen to their archived programs online visit: