Sunday, March 23, 2014

SW Logs March 22, 2014

3950 KHz Urumqi - PBS Xinjiang in Chinese 1245 UTC Talk in Chinese by OM followed by MX and followed with Song by YL singer SIO 344

3985 KHZ Ge’ermu/Golmud - CNR 2 China Business Radio in Chinese 1250 UTC OM and YL Talk (possibly) radio ad followed by MX and ID (?) by YL SIO 433

3990 KHz Urumqi - PBS Xinjiang in Uighur 1302 UTC OM with fast paced talk (news?) SIO 322

4750 KHz Shavar – Bangladesh Betar in Bangla 1310 UTC YL talk on social issues SIO 545

4810 KHz Bhopal – All India Radio in Hindi 1315 UTC Hindi song request program, Bollywood oldies played, OM Host, song by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar heard SIO 444

12085 KHz Shepparton – Radio Australia in English 1328 UTC -1335 UTC YL interviewed by YL host ‘Saturday night’ show YL Stn ID at 1330 UTC followed by MX ‘country music’ singer YL SIO 333

13615 KHz Tashkent – NHK Radio Japan in Bengali 1320 UTC Report on how Japanese citizens are utilizing latest technology to self evaluate and reduce their domestic power consumption. OM interviewed. Program moderator was Md Refat Ali. Program was heard till 1325 UTC SIO 323

13840 KHz Rangitaiki – Radio New Zealand Intl. in English 1212 UTC song by YL singer, YL host (?) talk followed by Sports updates, news update from national rugby league match. At 1217 UTC “our changing world” a radio features on ‘conserving forest’. Talk with univ. students and researchers till 1227 UTC.

15275 KHz Kigali – Deutche Welle in French 1705 UTC talk by OM , news being read with news highlights from the capitals of different countries (in the usual DW style) SIO 343

15340 KHz Kununurra, Western Australia  - HCJB Global in Urdu  1420 UTC program ‘khudah ke kalaam’ explanation on how prophet’s teachings & life are to be interpreted in the modern context. ‘Daud’ or David is cited as an example. OM and YL talk followed by stn. Id address of the ministry (Singapore address!) followed by MX and start of Chattisgarhi service from 1430 UTC. SIO 444

15375 KHz Sofia, Bulgaria – ESAT Radio (Cl.) in Amharic talk by OM news(?) 1720 UTC with YL talk in between (reporting?) MX bumper change to talk by OM 1730 UTC, noted again from 1752 UTC with continuous MX instrumental till sign off at 1758 UTC blank carrier till 1800 UTC. SIO 232-333

15440 KHz Moosbrunn, Austria – Adventist World Radio in Urdu 1417 UTC discussion on the topic of ‘trust’ and its significance in learning holy scriptures. SIO 444

15505 KHz Dhaka – Kabirpur (?) – Bangladesh Betar in Urdu 1428 UTC Song (oldies) YL talk ends with wishing listeners ‘Shab ba khair’ (good night) SIO 454

RX Tecsun PL 660 | ANT –Telescopic Rod | QTH – Kolkata, India.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Recent FM Logs

A cluster of FM stations from Bangladesh was logged & monitored between (7-8.30 am IST)

88.0 MHz  Radio Foorti, Bengali songs with stn id in between 7.02-7.08 am (SIO 444)

88.8 MHz  Bangladesh Betar(?) relay of BBC Bengali Service heard. Prog "pratyusha" News > Sports Roundup > Discussion on Ukraine crisis 7.10-7.18 am (SIO 444)

89.2 MHz  ABC Radio, English song "Mr. Postman" by "The Carpenters" YL presenter 8.20 am followed by ID and prog "bhorer janala" ends with song by Waakil "pathacharir artonaad". (SIO 454)

89.6 MHz  Radio Today prog "saat-sokale" YL host Song, singer Pamela Nobi song titled "kakhono", at 7.30 am News Update followed by prog "Brooke Bond Taaza sokal" (7.20 7.31 am) (SIO 454)

90.4 MHz  Dhaka FM songs in Bengali 7.32 am OM ID at 7.34 am followed by commercials "Goldmark cakes","Grammen phone" etc. (SIO 444)

96.0 FM  City FM, radio ads followed by talk by YL RJ at 7.45 am Stn. ID followed by Bangla songs mostly Bangladeshi band songs (SIO 444)

100.8 MHz & 100.2 MHz  Bangaldesh Betar 'Khulna' News update at 7.50 am OM newsreader heard reading the headlines of the newspaper "dainik purbanchal" followed by ID and then discussion on Bangabandu's 94th B'day (which is celebrated as sisu diwas/ childrens day in Bangladesh) speech given by Sheikh Hasina discussed. Also talk on Indo-bangladesh relation in the context of 1971 Liberation war (mukti juddho) and BNP chief's Khaleda Zia's latest remarks. N.B - 100.8 FM (SIO 555) & 100.2 FM (SIO 333)

101.6 MHz  Colours FM, Bengali song heard at 8.10 am followed by Stn. ID followed by International tracks! YL program host (SIO 333)

Date: 18/3/2014 | QTH: Ballygunge, Kolkata | RX: Tecsun PL 310 & ANT Telescopic rod 

73's from India.